Now We Are One

It's the first anniversary of our move to Briarcourt!

Photography by Andy Marshall

Photography by Andy Marshall

I cast my mind back to what was happening this time last year.  Dunc and I had very different days, due largely to the fact that between us we had to keep several key moving plates spinning across a 250 mile area.  These included ensuring our Hove house was cleared, collecting the keys to Briarcourt (after the banks and solicitors had done the neccessary to complete but before the Council shut up shop for the day), and most importantly, getting Kofi and Stan from Sussex to Yorkshire with minimal stress and cat box 'accidents''s a long drive from Hove to Huddersfield with the windows down in the middle of December.

Somehow it all came together in the end with the help of capable and persistent removals contractors who, most memorably, worked with Dunc to rig up an Ancient Egyptian-style pulley system to lower our bed out of the loft windows; and a fabulous Council officer called Brendan who showed me all the practical ropes to the house, helped me get my bearings around the local area, and even offered to give me a lift to the shops to pick up some basic provisions to keep us going. The cats survived too - Kofi, hoarse from miaowing solidly during transit, and Stan, relieved to get out of his cat box and under the bed to reconnect with his emotional centre.

A one year anniversary party last week helped to bring home how many brilliant people we've met this year, and reminded us of the steps forward we've made - even if they're the type that make things look worse in the short-term!  There are still several mountain ranges to scale  in our renovation works, but we'll continue to plod on one foot in front of the other, stopping to admire the view along the way from time to time.

How lucky we are. 

PS  I'm writing this to the sound of banging - it's an optimistic hammering - the sound of something being created.....could it be?.......yes it's the start of  a bathroom!