An Aborted Postcard from Lindley

6 weeks is a long time in politics, just ask Jeremy Corbyn; but here, the last month and a half of summer holiday from the blog has flown by.  But as the last of our 'sunny weather' (!) visitors wave goodbye, the beech leaves start to turn and a definite nip creeps into the air - autumn has arrived and it's time to get back into some kind of routine again.

I've taken to writing today as a way of dealing with a hostage situation - well two.  I'm currently barricaded in my office and somewhere beyond the door there is a cat.

And a mouse.

When I first heard the muffled mewing that I've come to dread, I really didn't think things through. Perhaps  I deserve some points for having the presence of mind to wait long enough to catch a glimpse of the gift I am being offered, but there's a creeping realisation now as my bladder fills, that just shutting the door isn't the most astute of long-term plans.  I have no idea if the mouse is alive or dead - finding a dead mouse later on will be horrible, but a relief; seeing a live mouse running around will be very bad; no mouse and I'll be left with a constant sense of it lurking in a corner waiting to wreak revenge or has it been eaten? Schrodinger's mouse?

I don't think I can physically put it off any longer, I'm going to have to venture out.  More stories soon, but for now some photos from the last month.......

Wish me luck.