A Smoking Christmas!

For us, Christmas is a time for hunkering down.  We're not generally big on extravagant Christmas rituals, content just to enjoy some quality time together and to touch base with family and friends.  Our sausage and mash Christmas dinner a couple of years ago attracted both looks of deep pity from some people we know and cheers from others wearily tethered to family and societal pressures to produce a perfectly roasted turkey with 20 different veg.  With the house being so topsy turvy and half-dressed, it doesn't seem right to lavish a temporary tree with decorations this year, but an open fire...well that is high up our Christmas list.

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An Arts and Crafts Exchange

We're in the midst of high season for visitors at the moment, with our calendar chock-full of pop-ins and stays by family and friends right into September.....so, time to take a bit of a summer break from the blog.

But before I clock off, and shoe-horning in between guest bedroom valeting and cake baking, I must share some pics from our recent 'mini exchange' weekend with the Edgar Wood Society in Middleton.....

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